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Empowering Youth through Tennis & Education

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Help us empower the next generation of leaders in Huntsville, Alabama. Your donation can provide tennis equipment, educational materials, and scholarships for our students. Together, we can make a difference.

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Tennis Team

We as a family generally keep to ourselves in today’s environment but one day our son brought us a tennis flyer and said he wanted to play. We jumped on the opportunity and were soon introduced to Coach Alvie Garrett. 


As the tennis season progressed Coach Garrett expressed the talent our son had and how he could benefit from one on one coaching, mentoring, and camps that YDA has to offer. We were thrust into a new world and we enjoyed every minute of it. 


Youth Development Association has opened doors we never knew existed and showed us a talent our son didn’t know he had and we are so thankful to Coach Garrett.


Without Coach Garrett going into the schools, passing out flyers and introducing tennis to the students, we wouldn’t have known about YDA or been apart of it.

Keara Cook-Holt 

Join Our Community

Empower Youth through Tennis & Education

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